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At the Inayan School of Eskrima you will find a passionate group of men and women learning and sharing this beautiful Martial Art that originated in the Philippines. The art has a very long history of combat effectiveness and differs from other Martial Art disciplines as the student is typically taught to train with weapons at the onset, rather than beginning with empty-hands training. 

Eskrima also uniquely ingrains an interrelationship between weapon and empty-hand skills and because of this training philosophy, is widely recognized in the martial arts community for its extreme practicality and effectiveness in self defense or combat situations. While providing a student with solid defense abilities in a relatively short period of time, it is also a complex art that can offer a lifetime of challenge and personal growth to the serious practitioner.

We hope that you find the information on our site useful and it answers any questions you may have about Inayan Eskrima, it’s history and it’s future. Come visit in person, we look forward to showing you what we’re so passionate about…