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Published articles about or relating to the Inayan School of Eskrima…

Eskrima: Filipino Martial Art -
By: Rey Pineda
February 2011, Knoxville News Sentinel

Under Pressure -
By: Kristin Farley
November 2009, WATE-TV6

Martial Moves -
By: Vicky Newman
April 2009, Lenoir City News Herald

What is Inayan? -
By: Holger Hoffmann (interview with Tagaturo Klement)
August 2004, Paris, France

Eskrima Students Learn to Defend -
By: Barbara Womack
April 2002, Knoxville News Sentinel 

It’ll Make You Want Eskrima -
By: Paul Cooper
February 2002, Knoxlife

Inayan School of Eskrima -
By: Carol Lewis
July 2000, Lenoir City News Herald

Lessons in Serrada and Life -
By: Steve Klement
February 1995, Arnisador Magazine - London, England