Inayan School of Eskrima

Carol Lewis
Lenoir City News Herald
July, 2000

Inayan Eskrima. No, I can neither pronounce nor remember the name. 

Originating in the Philippines, this is a somewhat different form of martial arts. Different in that you begin learning with weapons at the start of your training. Different because you progress to a high level of competency in months instead of years. Different since this is the only public school of its kind in East Tennessee. And, it is right here in Knoxville, has been for four years, but the school room has moved from Lahong Guro Steven Klement's back yard to the shared quarters with a Karate school on Broadway here in Lenoir City. 

Klement has been teaching the pure Filipino Martial Arts for over 14 years. He has also taught seminars around the country and Europe on edged weapon defense, Pressure Sensitive Nerve Areas and Self-Defensive Tactics. 

Klement has been recognized by the Martial Arts community as the founder of the Filipino Martial Arts in East Tennessee. 

Starting off, the students are taught weapons training, learning angles of attack and usually three blocks for each attack. 

They are taught that 95% of the time weapons training can be transferred to empty-hand techniques. After learning the empty-hand techniques which reinforce what they have already learned, they retain both methods. 

The Filipino Martial Arts ingrain this interrelationship and because of this philosophy, Eskrima is widely recognized in the martial arts community for its extreme practicality and effectiveness.