ISE Instructors

The strength of the Inayan School of Eskrima comes directly from its diversity within the Senior Student and Instructor ranks. Each Instructor (Guro) has a minimum of ten years training time directly under the guidance of Tagaturo Steve Klement and brings their own personal specialty and insight of Inayan Eskrima to the training floor. 

It is our collective goal to provide a safe and informative training environment to our students and guests while also passing on the warrior concepts and principles of the entire system of Inayan Eskrima.

In this cash and carry society these men have gone against the grain and dedicated themselves unselfishly to a cause and purpose. Each have shown a devotion to the art and each-other and an allegiance to Tagaturo Klement and the direction he has set for Inayan Eskrima at the Inayan School of Eskrima.

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