Late Grandmaster Mangisursuro Mike Inay, the founder of Inayan Eskrima, learned from two other great men: Grandmaster Max Sarmiento, a Master of the Kadena De Mano style of Eskrima and Grandmaster Angel Cabales, the founder and Master of Serrada Eskrima.

Grandmaster Sarmiento (pictured top, left) is credited for convincing Grandmaster Cabales (pictured top, right) to open the first public Eskrima school in the United States and thus Grandmaster Cabales became known as the "Father of Eskrima" in the U.S.

Suro Mike Inay (pictured middle) studied under both these men for over 11 years and was instrumental in bringing both of their arts out to the greater public. Since the death of Grandmaster Sarmiento and later Grandmaster Cabales, Suro had continued to expand and propagate the styles of Eskrima he learned from them in their truest form while at the same time melding them into one - forging Inayan Eskrima.

Since his own untimely passing in 2000, Suro's teachings continue through his most senior students around the world by those he promoted to Instructor rank.

We are proud to say that Inayan Eskrima is practiced with reverence at the Inayan School of Eskrima under the guide of Tagaturo Klement (pictured bottom).

Inayan School of Eskrima’s outlined Lineage:

Grandmaster Max Sarmiento / 1929-1982 / “Sarmiento Kadena de Mano” / Teacher: Father

Grandmaster Angel Cabales / 1917-1991 / “Cabales Serrada” / Teacher: Felicisimo Dizon

Mangisursuro Michael Inay / 1944-2000 / “Inayan System of Eskrima” / Teachers: GM Sarmiento - GM Cabales

Tagaturo Steven Klement / 1967-20~~ / “Inayan System of Eskrima” / Founder; Inayan School of Eskrima / Teacher: Mangisursuro Inay

Masirib Guro James Earles, Jr.
Lahong Guro Bradford Hill
Guro Bill Taylor
Katalungan Guro Paul Sanders / 1974-2005 /

Teacher: Pangulong Tagaturo Klement

Note - This is the outline that flows through the ISE. There are several other Authorities of Inayan Eskrima that were promoted to the rank of Guro directly from Mangisursuro and have their own organizations and strong lineage. Of note (that are actively Teaching) are Emanuel Hart, Cory Hanosh, Jon Ward and Jason Inay. Each of these branches have the same roots and are very strong, each in their own regard.