Within these Galleries are short clips of various aspects highlighing Inayan Eskrima, The Inayan School of Eskrima or the founder himself. Included are brief samples of the Inayan Eskrima training tapes done with several of the authorities of Inayan Eskrima…

Also of note is the Inayan History gallery in which there are some brief examples of treasured footage of many Grandmasters showcasing their respective arts and styles. Theses tapes were passed on to a select few from the Founder of Inayan Eskrima, Suro Mike Inay. These teaser clips that are shared here are done so in the hopes of driving more interest to the Filipino Martial Arts in general and to Inayan Eskrima specifically. We hope you enjoy these moments as much as we do. Without these great men from the past, none of what we do in the art today would be possible.

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